2023-05-18 (Thu)


Resolution in chemical crystallography

I am shocked to find many chemists don't know much about resolution in crystallography, even when they do use X-ray diffraction routinely! At least four chemists asked me "What does 'resolution' mean?" when I reported my results of MicroED data collection of their samples.

Resolution must be considered even in chemical crystallography, isn't it? The data-to-parameter ratio depends on the resolution. At lower resolutions you need more constraints and restraints. At ultra high resolutions you can do many cool things (e.g. multipole refinement).



MUX が iGPU のとき、X window が動かない問題、Linux kernel を 5.15 から linux-image-6.1.0-1010-oem に更新したらあっさり解消。MUX を Intel 側にして prime-switch on-demand で、iGPU も dGPU (NVIDIA RTX) も使えるようになった。

環境変数によって アプリごとにどちらを使うか指定できる。これで Firefox や PyMOL はうまく GPU 切り替えできるのだが、Chrome は iGPU でも dGPU でも software rendering になってしまった。MUX を dGPU にすればちゃんと hardware accelerated になるんだけど。

起動時のログの文字サイズが、再起動してるうちにまた小さくなってしまった。コンソールなので kernel mode setting 関係だと思うけど、どうして不規則に変わるのかがよく分からない。


Nature "GISAID in crisis: can the controversial COVID genome database survive?"

GISAID should release sequences to public domain after a certain embargo period as they first stated!!!

First of all, I don't like the idea of scoop protection by restricted access. If someone uses data without proper citation, it can be punished as a research misconduct. An additional layer of restriction is not necessary. One might say citations are not valued as much as co-authorships. This might be true, but then fix the evaluation metrics, instead of opposing open science.

Most importantly, one should put science first! Of course there are many problems, but such personal, social, political and/or national interests (e.g. posts, promotion, money, vaccine access etc) should not be used as excuse and justification for not doing open science.


Ask Japanese "Don’t WEAR THIS in Japan!!!"


Wearing leggins without something on top of it is considered "weird" or "embarrassing" in Japan. This is one of the many things about Japan I found very conservative and don't like. I guess it is not only about shyness but also anxiety and fear over how one is seen by others (i.e. "won't others think I'm an exhibitionist?"). An interesting question the interviewer should have asked is "will you wear leggins if you travel abroad?". Probably some say yes.