2023-12-23 (Sat)

昨日、"Why science and its journals should remain free of ideology: an example from Nature" に、I agree. I am getting tired of so many political or "social-movement" pieces on Nature and Science. と反応したら、さらに意見を求められたので答えた。

My (perhaps naive and outdated) view is that science should be neutral and blind (as in Constitutional_colorblindness) to any ideologies and values that cannot be experimentally tested against the universe. Certainly there are many problems and miseries in the world but they should be addressed without affecting how science is carried out. For example, giving discounts to article processing fee is good but granting embargo to datasets from less-funded countries is unacceptable. Instead of assigning affirmative action quota to university admissions, universities should make course notes and lecture videos freely available online to everyone.

That being said, we cannot completely get rid of a few core values from science that are not experimentally testable. Those include "prior works must be acknowledged" and "methods descriptions must be reproducible". To me, "source codes and raw data must be public" is one of such core principles but others feel their ideologies are more important. Such priorities cannot be determined by experiments so I do not push hard. If the majority value becomes different from mine, I will retire.