2023-07-07 (Fri)

3ヶ月に一度の定例バックアップとデータ削除。空きが 95 → 110 GB。


  • Science "The star watcher"

    • plot: 小さい土地
  • Science "It’s not just about the money"
    Certainly individual motivations might not be about the money, but most companies are for profit, right? When faced with open sharing vs company survival, the latter is taken. This is a fundamentally different value.

    That being said, I am fine with non-IP based business models. For example, a CRO might sell a structure determination service. Even if the CRO makes all know-hows public, clients might pay for the service when they don't want to buy an electron microscopy or the technique. This agrees with my values.

  • CNN "Opinion: Whatever happened to Mutually Assured Destruction?"
    CNN 定番の内容がありそうでない分析記事。タイトルに興味を惹かれて読んだけど無駄だった。

    • far be it for me to do: ……することはありえない
  • BBC "Twitter threatens legal action over Threads app"

  • CNN "Airline passenger finds plane floor soaked in blood"

    • merde: 糞便
    • egregious: ひどい


  • 機動戦士ガンダム 水星の魔女」最終回まで見た。